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Why Filled Christmas Stockings?

After over 10 years working as an IT Consultant, I set up the Filled Stocking Company in 2017 for lots of reasons, here are some...


1. Because I believe in shopping small. I wanted to do something to support and promote good businesses and I hated the idea of trying to become a social influencer, I don't wish to 'influence' anyone.

2. I love introducing independent brands to busy people who may only have time to shop with large-scale retailers.

3. I really believe we can look after ourselves and our skin in a way that feels luxurious and is kind to people, animals and planet.

4. Because my mum was diagnosed with terminal cancer and I needed to do something that was both a distraction and a tribute to my Christmas stockings that have always been my favourite part of Christmas Day.

5. I wanted to help other men like my husband who really have no clue how to surprise/spoil/delight/thank their wives at Christmas.

6. I wanted to try starting a business after envying candidates on The Apprentice and business owners in Dragon's Den. 

7. After 6 years of being a stay-at-home mum, I needed something for myself.

8. I wanted a creative outlet that was both safe and challenging.

9. Because I wanted to create a retail business that is honest, diligent and transparent (I really try to not be fooled by greenwashing).

10. To create something real - I am rubbish at marketing but that's OK because I want a product that sells itself.

I could go on. The reasons change as the years go by. The Filled Stocking Company has brought me so much happiness. I absolutely love the research, I love the planning/curating, I love the wrapping (I was the world's worst wrapper before my course with Jane Means, thank you Jane), I love thinking that I have made someone happy on Christmas Day. 


If you choose to buy a stocking, I am very, very grateful, thank you. 

If you want to get in touch, please email me using


Rosie Tidmarsh

Founder / Chief Elf

Woman wearing a t-shirt saying Une Femme Libre

The Filled Stocking Company Ltd is owned and run by Rosie Tidmarsh.

The company is registered with Companies House with ID 10869405.

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