The Filled Stocking Company is about bringing a little nostalgic joy to adults at Christmas. It is also about sending gifts to loved ones throughout the year. 

It is also about:

- Supporting good businesses (independent businesses run by product experts not marketeers)

- Bringing small-scale artisans to busy people who only have time to shop with large-scale retailers

- Helping people give good gifts

- Promoting luxury that is kind to people and planet

It is about nature.


None of our products have artificial scents and all of our products draw on the luxury that nature offers us, for example: lavender, wool, silk, beeswax, cacao.

Nature is at the heart of the company ethos:

Forget-me-nots, reminding us of Sophie, Libby, Rachel and all those other women and girls who have tragically died too young. Creating a business that brings joy is part of making the most of life and having the freedom to pursue a dream.

Hydrangeas, autumnal blooms that are just as beautiful as the younger ones. The Filled Stocking Company believes in ageing gracefully and working in harmony with nature.


The Filled Stocking Company Ltd is owned and run by Rosie Tidmarsh. If you wish to contact Rosie, please do so:

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