The Filled Stocking Company was set up as a better alternative to a Christmas Eve mad dash through a department store or, more realistically, a supermarket. The run up to Christmas is always busy and it should be about spending time with people, not hours of shopping and wrapping.

Buying a Filled Stocking is not a cop out. Most of our customers are men buying for women. They want to surprise her on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning, say 'Thank You' for all her hard work and remind her that they love her. They would dearly love to create a stocking themselves, from scratch, but they don't know where to start and, of course, they are devoting all their shopping time to her main present - that sensational bit of jewellery, a gesture that never gets tired.

As a business, we are motivated by:

- Supporting good businesses (independent businesses run by product experts not marketeers)

- Introducing small-scale artisans to busy people who only have time to shop with large-scale retailers

- Promoting luxury that is kind to people and planet.

We have no affiliation with any brands included in the collection and no products are included as part of a PR exercise.

Woman wearing a t-shirt saying Une Femme Libre

The Filled Stocking Company Ltd is owned and run by Rosie Tidmarsh. If you wish to contact Rosie, please do so:

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