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All you need to do is write something lovely on the label

Q. All the stockings seem similar, please help me choose one.

A. You are right, all the stockings are similar because they all follow the same themes of (1) improving sleep and (2) sustainable luxury and (3) natural wellbeing. Sleep is the simplest, easiest, cheapest and most sustainable beauty and wellbeing treatment. 'Sustainable luxury' changes daily because the market is growing and we are delighted to see that. For us, it is about introducing sustainable alternatives to plastic, promoting new brands that put planet before profit and, of course, treats (often in the form of chocolate) that are produced responsibly.

Natural wellbeing is harnessing the power of plants, wool, silk, beeswax, honey to reduce our demand for synthetic materials and especially those made from fossil fuels.

We think all our stockings will suit most people but if you want a little more help, please use our buying guide.

Q. The stockings seem quite expensive, why is this?

A. All our gifts are produced ethically. The reality is that ethical production on a small, sustainable scale is not cheap. We price our stockings very simply: we add together the RRP (recommended retail price) of each product, we add £10 to cover gift wrapping and £25 to cover the handmade stocking. Our stockings are made of natural fibres (remnants purchased from interior designers) by FabricWorks (a London-based ethical clothing and textile manufacturer).

Q. How will each gift be wrapped?

A. Our wrappers are trained by Jane Means (the official queen of gift wrapping) and so all our presents are beautifully presented. Each year we set higher standards in terms of materials, choosing recyclable paper and biodegradable ribbon. We use as little plastic as possible and aim to eliminate it entirely.

Q. How do you decide what to include in your collection?​

A. We research products that are kind to people and planet. The good news is that this was tricky in 2017 (the first collection) but is so much easier in 2022 - recycled packaging, biodegradable packaging, social good, natural ingredients, organic, low-plastic... these are all now so much more commonplace. This means that our choice of products is much wider than ever before. We have absolutely no affiliation with any brands, we receive no preferential pricing, products are selected purely on their provenance, quality and performance.

Q. Can I simply copy you?

A. Yes, you can, please do. We want you to discover the brands we have selected and we provide links to their websites on our product pages. A word of warning: our collection is unique, you simply cannot buy all our gifts from one retailer or in one location - and that includes Amazon. So, if you do choose to copy us, do it for the enjoyment, not to save time or money. We believe that you will not be able to replicate one of our filled stockings for less money than we charge. If you can, we will eat a stocking.

Q. I like your stuff, where should I go shopping?

A. We research products via the retail market (always keen to see what Liberty London has on its shelves in the beauty department). We also go to trade fairs and have access to business to business marketplaces where we can filter on ethical brands. It has been rather pleasing over the years to see our choices pop up in other respected retailers such as Fortnum and Mason, Liberty and Wolf and Badger (where we have similar buying values). Wolf and Badger is probably our favourite luxury one stop shop.

Q. Do you have a price guarantee?

A. Yes, if you can recreate one of our stockings and our service for a lower price, please tell us. We intend to never be beaten on price.

Q. What happens if I order a stocking and then change my mind?

A. Email us ( We understand that budgeting at Christmas is always tricky and we understand impulse purchasing and we would hate for any of our customers to suffer from buyer's remorse. If we have not yet dispatched your order (which we will do from 15th December 2022), we are very happy to cancel and give you a full refund immediately. If we have sent the order, then it is a case of getting it back to us in time for us to resell it. That is slightly more tricky but email us because we always want to help. 

Q. What do you do with my personal data?

A. We use the address you give us for delivery (sometimes we have to update the address based on Royal Mail records). We use your email address to communicate with you and we give Royal Mail your email and phone number so that they can keep you up to date with delivery. We never pass on your details to any other third party for marketing purposes. We sell ethical Christmas presents so we are also ethical about data and your privacy. We use the payment solution provided by STRIPE (default payment provider for websites), we have no access to payment information data. For a longer answer, please consult our Privacy Policy.

Q. What is the point of The Filled Stocking Company?

​A. LOL, the question I am asked by my family rather too often. We want to enable people to give a present that they might not have the time or ability to put together themselves. We think the perfect Christmas Stocking is enchanting, nostalgic and well-balanced. The process of finding it, feeling it, opening it - the process is part of the gift and we think it is such a happy part of Christmas Day. We also hope that she will enjoy each present and perhaps fall in love with a new brand that makes the world a better place.

If you still have a question, please email and we will add it (and the answer) to this page.

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