This is our eco-warrior stocking, lots of planet-friendly practical presents.


A handmade cotton velvet stocking in grey with a green floral lining, this is stylish and earnest, with presents wrapped in coordinating kraft paper with paper ribbon.



1. BATCH #001 Luxury 100% Beeswax Candle (unscented)

2. SOL Reusable Cup (12oz) - suitable for coffee, tea, a smoothie...

3. REUZEABLE Set of Silicone Straws (complete with cleaning brush)

4. REUZEABLE Metal Tubs - perfect for snacks on the go

5 & 6. ZERO WASTE CLUB Bamboo Travel Case and Toothbrush

7. ZERO WASTE CLUB 200 Bamboo Cotton Buds

8. ALBUS & FLORA Multi-active Tinted Lip Balm (plastic free casing)

9. FUDGE KITCHEN Fudge - choice of Sea Salted Caramel (contains MILK) or Chocolate (dairy-free)