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The earliest known use of the Danish word hygge (pronounced 'hoo-gah') dates back to the early 1800s but we all know it as a Pinterest trend of 2017.


From relaxing with a book to simply taking a moment to light a candle, "hygge" can be expressed in many different ways, but the premise is always contentment.


This stocking contains:

1. PAUL JAMES KNITWEAR Alpaca Bed Socks in Grey (size 4-7)

2. SCOTTISH BEE COMPANY Unscented 100% Beeswax Candle

3. OLVERUM Bath Salts

4. BEEBLE Honey & Rose Geranium Hand Cream
5. THE CHOCOLATE SOCIETY Bitter Marmalade Dark Chocolate and Ginger Biscuit Blonde Chocolate


Nothing says 'hoo-gah' like a pair of lounge socks. These socks are definitely just for lounging - padding about the house but mostly snuggling on a sofa. Paul James Knitwear is new to our collection this year, another UK-based luxury knitwear manufacturer.


And nothing accompanies a good lounge better than comforting candlelight. The Scottish Bee Company was created with the sole purpose of improving biodiversity and increasing the population of bees so there is everything to love about this simple unscented 100% beeswax candle.


And in between all the Twixtmas lounging, she may indulge in a lovely long bath. Olverum's Bath Salts are absolutely gorgeous, to revitalise skin, relax the mind and aid restful sleep. 


Another champion of the humble bee, is Beeble. New to our collection this year is their gently scented Honey & Rose Geranium Hand Cream, helpfully presented in a jar so she can use every last drop.

To finish off this comforting stocking, not one but two bars of chocolate. Unlike a box of chocolates, a bar does not ask to be shared, these are for her to enjoy in a quiet moment of indulgence. We have paired two bars from the brilliant Chocolate Society that bring comforting winter flavours: Marmalade Dark Chocolate and Ginger Biscuit Blonde Chocolate. 


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