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This stocking is a bit of fun - a good base for a teenager/twenty-something with space for Father Christmas to add a few presents of his own.


This stocking contains:


Some stationery:

VENT FOR CHANGE 3 Recycled Gold Pencils, 2 Recycled Pens, List Pad and Recycled Leather Pen / Pencil Pouch


Some little things for her bath bag:
ZERO WASTE CLUB Bamboo Cotton Buds 
MOA Green Fairy Absinthe Hand & Lip Balm


Some gorgeous socks:

GENEVIEVE SWEENEY Samar Merino Wool Marl Socks Blue (4-7)


And some chocolate:
THE CHOCOLATE SOCIETY Bitter Marmalade Dark Chocolate and Ginger Biscuit Blonde Chocolate bars
DIVINE Chocolate Coins


Sold Out
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