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This is inspired by the stockings of my childhood, Father Christmas was terribly practical - the best present was a blank VHS cassette. No video tape here, but a lovely mix of practical and spoiling things to make a versatile present.


1. MAGIC ORGANIC APOTHECARY Fortifying Green Bath Potion

2. GENEVIEVE SWEENEY Soro Sparkly Cashmere socks

3. MNCHED Pink Marble Travel Cutlery & Straw Set 

4. BEEBLE Honey & Rose Geranium Hand Cream

5. ZERO WASTE CLUB 200 Bamboo Cotton Buds
6. ALBUS & FLORA Multi-active Tinted Lip Balm
7. VENT FOR CHANGE Recycled Leather Pouch with 2 Pens

8. COCOA LOCO Chocolate Orange Thins

We have been blown away by MOA's Fortifying Green Bath Potion. It is an invigorating herbal blend of decongesting peppermint, detoxifying fennel, purifying fir needle and calming yarrow. Rather unusually, this bath potion is about putting a spring back in her step, rather than sending her to sleep. Perfect for the girl who likes a bath before getting ready for a night out. 


We love Genevieve Sweeney's socks. Sometimes simply knowing some sparkly cashmere-covered feet are hidden in her boots will give her that little bit of joy on a cold winter's day.


When was the last time you really enjoyed eating lunch with a wooden spork? Well, she will never have to again with the fabulous Mnched portable cutlery set. Practical but also rather elegant, new to our collection and new to the world, Mnched has brought to the market a fully sized, easy to clean, sustainable, stylish, high quality cutlery set that is fully dishwasher safe. This is the perfect addition to any woman's handbag for lunch on the go.


As well as looking after feet, hands are really important to care for in winter. Beeble's Honey & Rose Geranium hand cream is a little jar of honey-powered hand-TLC, perfect for her bedside table in a sensible glass jar so she can use every last drop.


Cotton buds are a staple for any bathroom cabinet. The Zero Waste Club has made it's mission to banish plastic from the bathroom and these bamboo buds are such an easy swap.

Albus and Flora's multi-active tinted lip balm is a stalwart of our collections every year. This is a new shade, Nude Flora, a warm, delicately peachy tint, the ultimate neutral.

Back to something practical, we have included Vent for Change's recycled leather pouch with two recycled pens. We want to celebrate more sustainable swaps - making pens from CD cases, reusing precious leather - this is the future.


Father Christmas gave me chocolate coins and a satsuma for my breakfast in bed, so the last item in this stocking is Cocoa Loco's Chocolate Orange Thins - made from cocoa rich, velvety smooth organic milk chocolate and infused with a splash of orange oil handmade in West Sussex.


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