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This stocking is intimate with a mix of gifts for an early night. If you feel so inclined, adding some sexy underwear would be a great idea.


This stocking contains:

1. SMILE MAKERS Vibrator (choose from 'The Tennis Coach' or 'The Frenchman')

2. SCOTTISH BEE COMPANY Unscented 100% Beeswax Candle

3. THIS WORKS Love Sleep Breathe In

4. THIS IS SILK Silk Pillowcase

5. THE CHOCOLATE SOCIETY Dark Chocolate Salted Caramels


Smilemakers take sexual pleasure seriously and we wholeheartedly support them in doing so. These vibrators are designed to be witty but also efficient.


Candlelight always makes for a cosy and intimate mood and this one, The Scottish Bee Company was set up to support and increase the bee population so let's hope improving biodiversity turns her on.


This Works use science to develop wellness products that work in harmony with our natural rhythm and are proven to work. Therefore their 'Love Sleep Breathe In' aromatherapeutic blend had to be included in this stocking, promising to help switch her off whilst turning her on.


We cannot recommend sleeping on a silk pillowcase more, which is why the award-winning This is Silk pillowcase has been in our collection from the beginning. Quite apart from all the skin and hair care benefits, it is a sensual fabric, making pillow talk that little bit more sexy.


And we finish the collection with a sexy box of Dark Chocolate Salted Caramels from The Chocolate Society. Maybe, if all goes well, she will share them with you...


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