Lavender and Silk are just two of the sleep-inducing ingredients within this stocking. 


One of our original handmade stockings, a strokable soft teal velvet with a delicate floral cotton lining and ARTCADIA Arabian Skies wrapping paper, this stocking is understated, classy and says 'go to bed...'



1. ELIZABETH W Silk Eye Pillow (filled with lavender, perfect for a daytime nap, a few minutes under this perfect weighted eye pillow will help calm a busy mind)

2. THIS IS SILK White Silk Pillowcase

3. ISLA APOTHECARY Reset Ritual Pulse Point Therapy roll on

4. LIME TREE DESIGN Lavender Birds (for tucking under the pillow at night)

5. KISS THE MOON After Dark Bath Oil

6. KISS THE MOON Night Cream for Hands

7. CHOCOLARDER Gold Frankincense and Myrrh Chocolate (suitable for vegans)


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