This stocking is for the woman who knows all the latest beauty must-haves and trends.


The star of this collection is our Silk Pillowcase, not just any old silk pillowcase, we are excited to welcome This is Silk to the 2018 collection with their top-rated 22 momme pillowcase. Read more about the merits of sleeping on silk.


Back from our 2017 collection is our best seller, Albus and Flora's Multi-Active Tinted Lip Balm. This is absolutely perfect for wintery weather that can be so harsh on our lips and with its plastic-free packaging, this is brand that is all about doing things well and doing things right.


Just in case the Silk Pillowcase isn't enough silk for our beauty queen, we also have an appropriately weighty Silk Eye Pillow. This might come in useful on 1st January 2019!


Throughout 2017 there has been talk about collagen. Ancient and Brave is another brand we are excited to welcome to our collection. This handy pack of 14 daily doses of True Collagen to pop in morning water, tea or coffee is odourless and tasteless but is packed full of potent amounts of key amino acids to help repair the skin, nourish the brain and enhance natural beauty. Read about the benefits here, which include faster tissue repair, stronger bones and joints, better digestive health, increased athletic performance, improved sleep, and glowing hydrated skin.


And every beauty queen knows that the best treatment of all is SLEEP. So, this collection includes the Isla Apothecary formula for the best sleep EVER. Last year discovered Reset Ritual Therapy roll-on and raved about its ability to introduce calm and clarity of mind. However, we since discovered (as the stress levels rose towards Christmas and our brains would not go to sleep at night) that it is also a revolutionary and kind cure for insomnia. Great to share with the whole family so no one else wakes her in the night either.

This year we have also added Isla Apothecary's Relax and Rewind Bath Salts 'which do exactly what it says on the tin'.


Other little beauty queen pleasing presents in this stocking are:

- Tiebandz hair bands (anti-snagging, doubling up as a bracelet, sensible and pretty hair bands)

- Nail Polish Trio and Nail Polish Remover (without many of the usual nasties by the brilliant Fresh Therapies)

- OI Hand Balm by internationally renowned and respected brand Davines

and Isla Apothecary's Skin Purifying Mud.


Please note:

Pregnant/Breastfeeding women may want to seek advice before using products containing essential oils (Isla Apothecary aromatherapy).

This gift is not suitable for vegetarians (collagen from cows).

The lip balm is made with beeswax so it is not vegan-friendly.

The Beauty One

    1. THIS IS SILK Silk Pillowcase
    2. ISLA APOTHECARY Relax and Rewind Bath Salts
    3. ISLA APOTHECARY Reset Ritual Aromatherapy roll-on
    4. ELIZABETH W Eye Pillow
    5. ANCIENT AND BRAVE True Collagen
    6. DAVINES OI Hand Balm
    7. ALBUS AND FLORA Multi-active Tinted Lip Balm - Sheer Flora
    8. FRESH THERAPIES Nail Polish Remover
    9. FRESH THERAPIES Nail Polish Trio
    10. ISLA APOTHECARY Skin Purifying Mud
    11. TIEBANDZ Fluro Fun hair ties