The idea behind this collection is 'we can't all go on a spa mini-break so this stocking will bring the spa experience home'.


So, let's pretend. When she arrives at a spa hotel...

She might, first, check out the freebies in the bathroom. This stocking features the best of these, found in boutique hotels such as The Pig hotel group: the Bramley Set of Minis. We chose this set because the shampoo and conditioner actually clean and condition your hair (not true of all hotel toiletries) plus they smell divine and are made from natural botanicals. We also love the fact that they are genuinely travel friendly - pop a few of these in that little plastic bag and there is still room for toothpaste, deodorant and lippy.


But on to getting a good night's sleep as part of her spa experience. This collection includes sleep-inducing Relax and Rewind bath salts and Reset Ritual Aromatherapy Roll-on, both from Isla Apothecary. These products work. We cannot speak highly enough of this artisan brand in terms of products that are good to her and the environment. For more, go to the website here.


And the pinnacle of this collection: something better than most spa hotels will offer - a 22 momme Mulberry Silk Pillowcase from THIS IS SILK. Falling asleep on this quality of silk will soon carry her away from domestic chores plus deliver a wealth of beauty benefits. Read more about these here.


And how often does your boutique spa hotel offer you cosy Bed Socks from a premium UK knitwear brand? This stocking includes socks by Genevieve Sweeney, a wool linen blend in hot pink for warm toes. Many people ask for 100% cashmere socks but, while lovely to touch, they tend not to last very long. We have included socks that she can wear all day, not just in bed, wash and repeat.


Next is a candle that tells her exactly where to be - Sous Les Couvertures Scented Candle. The scent aims to capture that enveloping warmth and comforting moment between waking and sleeping, with a soothing, musky vanilla base that imbues tranquility and peppermint and citrus in the background to gently awaken the senses.


And just to ensure that the spa treatment is an all-over body experience, we have our best-selling hand cream from our 2017 collection: the brilliant and deliciously smelling Kukui Oil Nourishing Hand Cream by Connock London. To complement it, we have the award-winning Kukui Oil Wonder Balm, perfect for tackling winter skin complaints.

And in the morning, when she pads down to breakfast in a fluffy robe and hot pink Genevieve Sweeney socks, she may be offered a healthy alternative to coffee at a decent spa, so we have included the decadent smooth Himalayan Salted Cacao by NOBLE. This is a blend of the finest organic raw cacao, beetroot, baobab, maca and naturally sweet cinnamon, carob, coconut sugar and Himalayan rose pink salt. This hot chocolate is full of antioxidants to detoxify the body of harmful free radicals, protect and repair cells and support healthy, glowing skin.


And who needs hot stones when she can lie back with an Elizabeth W Silk Eye Pillow on her face? This eye pillow has been chosen because it is perfectly weighted for gentle relaxation, completely natural - silk filled with flaxseed and lavender.


And when she is ready to face the world again, we have another 2017 best seller, Albus and Flora's Sheer Flora Multi-Active Lip Balm. This has a subtle tint to it (so she can feel that little bit more glam) but most importantly it is a deeply nourishing, highly anti-oxidant, vitamin and omega rich lip balm, with broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection, SPF 30.


So we saved you the cost of a spa break, perhaps spend the money you have saved on a lovely piece of jewellery for her...


Please note:

Breastfeeding/pregnant women may want to seek advice before using products containing essential oils.

The lip balm is made with beeswax so this gift is not vegan-friendly.

Spa in a Stocking

    1. THIS IS SILK Silk Pillowcase
    2. ISLA APOTHECARY Reset Ritual Aromatherapy Roll-On
    3. ISLA APOTHECARY Relax and Rewind Bath Salts
    4. ELIZABETH W Eye Pillow
    5. NOBLE Himalayan Salted Cacao
    6. BRAMLEY Mini Travel Gift Set
    7. CONNOCK LONDON Kukui Oil Nourishing Hand Cream
    8. CONNOCK LONDON Kukui Oil Wonder Balm
    9. GENEVIEVE SWEENEY Wool Linen Socks (Pink)
    10. SUNDAY OF LONDON Sous Les Couvertures mini scented candle
    11. ALBUS AND FLORA Multi-active Tinted Lip Balm - Sheer Flora