There is always a woman who feels uncomfortable about being spoilt. This stocking is our answer to her concern as this has a down to earth mix of lovely things that are also useful... the welly boots are iconic, they are not included.


This stocking is a great example of a bit of everything, it doesn't say anything except Happy Christmas!


We start with some winter beauty essentials, our incredibly popular (back from the 2017 collection) Connock London Kukui Oil Nourishing Hand Cream. This is fast-absorbing (very important if you are a practical person) and smells divine (always important). Plus, we have Connock London's Kukui Oil Wonder Balm. This is made from 100% natural ingredients and is an essential handbag item - perfect for dry/chapped skin, irritated skin, lips.


Continuing the 'essential' theme, we have a Luxury Umbrella from young Swedish company, HappySweeds. Their philospohy is to 'shine bright, whatever the weather' with high quality functional, fashionable umbrellas. The perfect compact size to carry in your handbag, with double material, a windproof system, automatic open and close at the press of a button, fine detailing such as the matt black rubber handle, even the stylish cover can be attached to the brolly so it is not misplaced and the canopy opens to a great size approx 97cm. "Neat, smart, classy & functional, it's the whole experience."


Suffering the indignity of the overfilled plastic bag at the airport baggage check will be a thing of the past with the Bramley Set of Minis. This brand is found in top quality boutique hotels, the shampoo and conditioner actually clean and condition your hair (not true of all hotel toiletries) and this little set of 5 (shampoo, conditioner, body wash, bubble bath and body lotion) will fit into that little plastic bag and leave space for her toothpaste, deodorant and lippy.


Take life a day at a time. Studio Formata's beautiful designed Note Pad is a stylish way to keep a to-do list. Fill the page in the morning and enjoy the evening ritual of ripping off the top page and popping it into the recycling.


Who doesn't need a new key ring? Our Leather Heart-shaped Keyring is embossed with 'HERS'. For us, this is a reminder of all those women who made something theirs. It also may be a reminder of all those women who are yet to feel they have something of their own... whatever it means to her, we think it is also jolly useful.


Now for the useful but slightly more frivolous presents:

100% Cashmere Wristwarmers, slipping them on feels slightly more sexy than basic woolly gloves... plus you can still use your smart phone with fingers free.

Lavender Sardines that never fail to make our customers smile, perfect for popping in the undies drawer or keeping under her pillow - a quick scrunch before bed gives a gorgeous sleep-inducing waft of lavender...

Her own little pot of delicate Mandarin & Lime Blossom Marmalade for Christmas Day breakfast...

and lastly a couple of squares of handmade Luxury Nougat, to be consumed before anyone else sees them.


Please note:

This gift is NOT suitable for anyone with a nut allergy (nougat contains nuts).

Pregnant / breastfeeding women may want to seek advice before using the Bramley body lotion due to the essential oils it contains.

This gift is suitable for vegetarians.

The wonder balm are made with beeswax, the marmalade contains honey and the key ring is leather so this gift is not vegan-friendly.

The Practical One

    1. HAPPY SWEEDS Red Lined Umbrella
    2. KOPKA 100% Cashmere Wristwarmers - black
    3. BRAMLEY Mini Travel Gift Set
    4. LIME TREE DESIGN Lavender 'Sardines'
    5. CONNOCK LONDON Kukui Oil Nourishing Hand Cream
    6. CONNOCK LONDON Kukui Oil Wonder Balm
    7. STUDIO FORMATA Note Pad - heather heath pink
    8. BYRON AND BROWN Key Ring
    9. TADINKA NOUGAT Summertime luxury nougat squares
    10. OLD RECTORY PRESERVES Mandarin and Lime Blossom Marmalade