If serenity is her thing, this stocking is for her. This is a delightful little collection of calm...


We start with Sunday of London's Midnight (Somewhere) Scented Candle. The undertones of floral lavender with the sweet yet slightly bitter qualities of orange peel and rose geranium create an addictive aromatherapy fragrance. This incredible blend of five essential oils is designed to bring peace and tranquillity to both the mind and body.


Once the candle is lit, it is time for her to slip on soft, cosy Cashmere-blend Bed Socks from YAWN. We love the ethos of this brand and she will love their socks. If you want to buy her some absolutely luxurious nightwear to match, go to YAWN's website.


Perhaps, while she is chilling out, she might want to give her hands a little TLC with Davines OI Hand Cream, made from high grade natural ingredients, this is ideal for all skin types, leaving hands soft, youthful and hydrated.


When it is time to do some yoga, we have Tiebandz 'Unicorn Daydream' hair ties that are designed to (1) hold the thickest to finest of hair types (2) be gentle, no snagging, pulling or breaking and (3) be colourful enough to wear in her hair or on her wrist as a bracelet, so she is never without a hair-tie.


With yoga in mind the stars of this stocking are the Silk Eye Pillow by Elizabeth W and the Yoga Mat Spray by Spritz Wellness. The eye pillow is appropriately weighty so that she feels herself sink into the floor and the mat spray ensures her mat is one she wants to sink into. It is a blend of tea tree oil and lavender to be antiseptic, anti-viral and calming.


And last but not least, our favourite Multi-Active Lip Balm from Albus and Flora. This clear balm will ensure her lips are smooth and supple during the harsh winter weather.


Please note:

This gift is suitable for pregnant / breastfeeding women.

This gift is suitable for vegetarians.

The lip balm is made with beeswax so this gift is not vegan-friendly.

The Yoga One

    1. SUNDAY OF LONDON Midnight (somewhere) 180ml Scented Candle
    2. ELIZABETH W Eye Pillow
    3. SPRITZ WELLNESS Yoga Mat Spray
    4. YAWN Bed Socks
    5. DAVINES OI Hand Balm
    6. ALBUS AND FLORA Multi-active Lip Balm - Naked Flora
    7. TIEBANDZ Hair Ties