This isn't just a stocking filler, this is a proper present on its own.


Natural silk pillowcases have proven benefits compared to their cotton sisters. Not only do they feel sublime next to your skin - and delightfully decadent - but their very silky, smooth texture brings a whole load of goodies to your night time slumber:

1. Silk Is Kind To Your Hair

2. Silk Is Gentle On Your Skin

3. Silk Doesn't Dehydrate

4. Silk Is A Natural Temperature Controller

5. Silk Is Superbly Comfortable

6. Silk Is Kind To Allergy Sufferers

7. Quality Silk Is Easy To Care For

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A silk pillowcase has become the latest beauty must-have and what we love is that it is all the things we want to be: KIND, LUXURIOUS, UTTERLY FEMININE and IT WORKS.


The Pure White pillowcase comes in a bespoke This is Silk gift box and is wrapped by The Filled Stocking Company.

THIS IS SILK Silk Pillowcase

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£37.50Sale Price