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We look for brands that will surprise, impress and delight. We are keen to find products that she might not recognise but she will become her favourites. We sample our products and choose items based on their performance.


Our collection is unique: you simply cannot buy all our gifts from one retailer or in one location. We have done the equivalent of hours of shopping in small boutique gift shops, artisan marketplaces and respected retailers such as Liberty, Selfridges, Content Wellbeing and Beauty and Harrods. We have no affiliation with any of our independent makers, we just like what they make and how they make it.


The perfect Christmas Stocking is balanced and opening it should be like reading a story. Like a good story, we design our stockings to have a thought-provoking start, an enjoyable middle and a sweet ending.


All our wrappers are trained by Jane Means and we also think about materials that are kind. Recycled paper, biodegradable ribbon and as little plastic as possible.


If you can recreate one of our gift collections for a lower price, we will refund the difference.

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