We do the rest.


We research products that are kind to people and planet. The good news is that this was tricky in 2017 (the first collection) but is so much easier in 2022 - recycled packaging, biodegradable packaging, social good, natural ingredients, organic, low-plastic... these are all now so much more commonplace. This means that our choice of products is much wider. We have absolutely no affiliation with any brands, we receive no preferential pricing, products are selected purely on their quality and performance.


Our collection is unique. You simply cannot buy all our gifts from one retailer or in one location - and that includes Amazon. We have done the equivalent of hours of shopping in small boutique gift shops, artisan marketplaces and respected retailers such as Liberty, Wolf and Badger, and Selfridges.


The perfect Christmas Stocking is enchanting, nostalgic, well-balanced and opening it should be like reading a comforting story. Like a good story, we design our stockings to have a thought-provoking start, an enjoyable middle and a sweet ending.


All wrappers are trained by Jane Means (the official queen of gift wrapping) and so all our presents are beautifully presented. Each year we set higher standards in terms of materials, choosing recyclable paper and biodegradable ribbon. We use as little plastic as possible and aim to eliminate it entirely.


If you can recreate one of our stockings and our service for a lower price, please tell us. We intend to never be beaten on price.

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