SUBSCRIBERS are those who have filled out a contact form on our website or who have been a customer.

CUSTOMERS are those who have purchased from our website.

We will email SUBSCRIBERS when we have something important to say e.g. shop is open, here is a discount code, etc.

We will email CUSTOMERS for feedback / testimonials and then add their email address to our list of subscribers, unless the customer asks us not to do so.

If a SUBSCRIBER chooses to Unsubscribe, we will permanently delete their email address from our mailing list.

Unsubscribed email addresses will be deleted from our records except we will keep CUSTOMER email addresses for up to one year after the sale (as a precaution, in the unlikely event of a product recall notice).

We do not collect data from people who have browsed the site or not completed a sale. You are free to window-shop in private.

We use the payment solution provided by STRIPE (default payment provider for websites), we have no access to payment information data.

We WILL NEVER pass on customer data to any 3rd Party.