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This is a great stocking for a woman who doesn't want to be introduced to new beauty products, she has it sorted, but she is open to a little help applying them. As well as the first five essentials, this stocking contains Organic Cotton Cleansing Pads and a handmade bowl for them to be stored in by LittleLeaf Organic.


Stocking Fillers:

1. ZERO WASTE CLUB Bamboo Cotton Buds 
2. NURSEM Hand Care Minis

3. NOURISH LONDON Illuminating Face Shimmer Cream

4. THE WANDERING BEEKEEPER Pair of 100% Beeswax Candles

5. LIZA GREEN CHOCOLATES Box of 6 Artisan Chocolates

6. LITTLELEAF ORGANIC Cleansing Pads and Bowl Set


    Individual stocking fillers available to add to her stocking...
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