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This gift set boasts 10 large organic cotton cleansing pads in a handy, washable bag. Each pad measures approximately 10cm across, and is double-sided, with one side a soft organic towelling and the other side, a smooth brushed cotton. In a natural, creamy colour of pure cotton, undyed and unbleached, you can be assured there are no nasties whatsoever.


The set also has a very special, limited edition ceramic bowl that has been made in-house by Littleleaf Organic. Easy to keep clean and easy to use as a holder for the pads, it is the perfect plastic-free addition to her bathroom.


Having been to LittleLeaf HQ, it is easy to understand why this brand was awarded the prestigious Small Business Britain Net Hero Award in 2023 and therefore crowned as the UK’s most sustainable small business. If you are looking for assurance of knowing that the whole production process (from the cotton field to the shop floor) is checked every year to ensure fair working standards and absolutely no use of toxic chemicals, then look for the GOTS (Global Organic Textiles Standard) logo.


There are 3 product options. All will be presented in a brown cardboard box tied with a ribbon.

LITTLELEAF ORGANIC Cleansing Pads and Bowl Set

    Individual stocking fillers available to add to her stocking...
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