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These socks are totally brilliant. They are made from 82% Reclaimed Extrafine Merino Wool (rejected or surplus woollen yarn that is no longer serving a purpose) and 18% ECONYL® (regenerated nylon made from discarded fishing nets, carpets, and other post-consumer waste). Luxurious yarn that would otherwise have gone to waste has been transformed, without further dyeing, into a vibrant royal blue coloured pair of socks.

At first touch, she will feel the opulence of the buttery soft knitted fabric. These socks bring centuries’ old UK craftsmanship together with excess wool sourced from mills around the UK.


These well-made socks come with their own mending kit to inspire you to buy less and buy better and to learn from the more sustainable ways of the past.


UK Size 4 - 7.

SOCKO The Royal Cashmere Merino Blue Socks

    Individual stocking fillers available to add to her stocking...
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