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The time between Christmas and New Year is so precious, we love the fact that you never know what day it is, it is a great time to reset your skincare routine. The Filled Stocking Company is all about feeling good, keeping it simple - starting with looking after healthy skin using products with natural ingredients. These values we share with Nourish London, LittleLeaf Organic and Holistic London who we are delighted to include in this stocking.


Stocking Fillers:

1. ZERO WASTE CLUB Bamboo Cotton Buds 
2. NURSEM Unfragranced Caring Hand Cream
3. NOURISH LONDON Illuminating Face Shimmer Cream
4. THE WANDERING BEEKEEPER 100% Beeswax Dinner Candles

5. LIZA GREEN Box of 6 Artisan Chocolates

6. HOLISTIC LONDON Neroli and Chamomile Bath Salts


8. NOURISH LONDON Kale 3D Cleanser

9. NOURISH LONDON Antioxidant Peptide Mist or Argan Anti-Ageing Peptide Serum*

10. NOURISH LONDON Argan Skin Renew Moisturiser

11. NOURISH LONDON Radiance Firming Facial Oil


    * If you object to the phrase 'anti-ageing', because some people embrace ageing gracefully, feel free to select the Peptide Mist instead.


    Nourish London is a British skincare company offering scientifically developed, highly effective, organic, vegan and cruelty-free skincare powered by ingredients from nature. All their products use natural and organic ingredients that work alongside our skin's natural processes to reveal beautiful, radiant, healthy skin. Created by Dr Pauline Hili, who has spent over 30 years harnessing the power of nature to create effective skincare.


    LittleLeaf Organic is a family company based in Hampshire. Their luxurious bed linen, fabulous pyjamas, beautiful baby clothes and more are all made from the finest organic cotton. LittleLeaf Organic cotton is GOTS and Soil Association certified which means it adheres to the strictest organic standards and that everyone working in the production chain does so to ethical and fair working standards.


    Holistic London design incredible, mood-enhancing scents that will help her relax, focus, or feel energized. The Holistic mission is to provide fragrance and self-care with awareness, advocacy and action. By sharing the stories of the farmers and workers who grow Holistic's beautiful ingredients, they are focusing consumers on the need for fair trade practices and striving for a sustainable future for both people and planet.


    Please note that the stocking is included free of charge, so there is no price difference if you would only liked wrapped presents. If this is the case, please add a note to the order. Thanks.

    Organic Skincare

    • This stocking is close to my heart, our 'spa in a stocking' for 2023. I can't really say it is inspired by me, it is more like my wishlist. The party season starts each year and I heave a huge sigh of regret about not having paid more attention to my skin and vow to do better next year. As I get older and the world becomes better informed about fast fashion, I am happier to wear the same outfit to every party and so the focus has shifted to my face and hair. I wear glasses so putting on make-up is a genuine logistical challenge...

      This stocking is dedicated to improving her skin so that her face glows and she looks gorgeous in the same old jeans and a festive jumper.

      Happy Christmas!

      Love Rosie (founder of The Filled Stocking Company)

    Individual stocking fillers available to add to her stocking...